The name is Tofan Fadriansyah. Currently searching for more knowledge which he believed will make many use for his capability to enhance his career and environtment.

7 Responses

  1. woooiii, aboutnya di isi kk 😀

  2. dari Dunia Astronomi mampiiiiirrrrr…. 😀

  3. just passing by 🙂

    -> agree with ainil. filling up your “about” page will help visitors to know you more 😉

  4. aboutnya yg lengkap dong pan…
    hehe.. anyway.. semangat di negeri kompeni sono ya.. 😀

  5. wahh..akan diusahakan diisi..:D

  6. tofankun environment nya kelebihan satu t tuh hehehe

  7. numpang mampiiiiiiirrrr… 😀

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