DjakTheat Gathering

Oke, at this time i will write a brief writing about our second gathering of my childhood friend from 27 elementary school.  There were 12 persons who came to the gathering. We ate dinner at Pizza Hut Restaurant “on behalf” of Ika`s birthday party :D.

So, this is the restaurant where we ate. There were 8 boys and 4 girls that night. We order 4 sensasi delight (dun know the writing :D), 1 large american favorite, and 12 glasses of coca-cola. I thought all of the bill will be charge to our beloved friend who just getting older. But i was wrong. So after the dinner had been served and we ate the servings, we got the bill and directly gave the bill to Ika and asked her to pay all of the bill. How cruel we were hehehe. But Ika just wanted to pay only in some amount of money and finally we also must paid the bill. (30% of the bill will be payed by Ika)

After having dinner we watched Terminator Salvation in the XXI theatre at 8 p.m. Overall i enjoyed the movie although i had not watch the previous series. Lost information sometime in the movie. 😀 The movie is a prekuel of Terminator series. The story took place in the year of 2018. At that time, the earth is in the begining of war between machines and human. The machines it self is the first type of robot and made of heavy steel. There are many war and action scene in the movie. I think this is one of the movie that i give the recommendation. For you who love the terminator series should watch this movie.

Ok, now there are a few gallery of ours. This is just around 3% of the photos. I will upload somewhere if i have more time.:D


After Having Dinner


Ika as The Center of Attention


Our Ustadz Who Came Late 😀