RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen, Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen is one of technological university located in Germany. If you intend to continue study in Germany, especially in Engineering, you can try to apply for your study here. They offer not only in German thought course but also in English course too.

I have always intend to continue my higher study in one of advanced country in implementation of technology. Germany is one of the target country. Beside the country, i also searching for the best university in europe, especially in Electrical Power Engineering. There are four technological universtities which are applied. RWTH Aachen is one of those.

To apply for this university, we have to ensure that our field of study is available in Aachen. Then check what documents should i provide to fulfill the requirement. Make sure that we have fulfill all of the requirements. If we cannot fullfill it, although for one document, we should not apply for it. Because we only waste our money.

After fullfill all of the documents, we should sent the documents via airmail to the university and pay 50 euro for the admission fee. After that praying for our admission. 😀

The decision will carry out after 4-6 weeks from the receive of the documents. Make sure that we know how to afford for the funding in our study. The university`s tuition fee is 500 euro per semester and living allowance for one year is about 7000-8000 euro. DAAD is one of the source of money for our funding 😀

The funding and the acceptance to the university have equal importance. If we have been admitted to a university and can not afford to fullfil the funding for our study, than we can not  start our study. So when we apply for certain university, we must also searching scholarship for our funding. RWTH Aachen acceptance is only for one period and can not be extended. If we have been admitted but can not start the study because of the funding problem, then we should apply in the next period.


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  1. i wanna to continue my study at rwth aachen,

  2. I wanna start my masters education from RWTH Aachen. How i can apply.

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