Challenge or Burden

A few days ago my superior colleage ask me to help him preparing for giving a training to our customer. The first time i got this assignment i thought there is something that finally i am needed. I mean not in the main reason if i am not there then the work can not be done. That is the first impressment appear in my mind. That is just for a flash of time. Then i thought that i must prepare for everything.

I don`t know what is the meaning of this  training. I already knew that all of the training had been done a long time ago. But that is not my business. All i know that this training must be prepared well. Neither the assignment not important nor not give good impact to the company is not my business too. The things that i must give more attention is the contain of the assignment. Functions which i should study is quite many and there is also gui which i have to overcome. I thing one day of preparing is not enough. One to two days addition will be sufficient, two is my recommendation. I thought this is a burden and i can not afford it. Many thinking come to my head and all of them are negative thinking and they are not touching the real problem which i face in front of me. But then i try to see it from the positive side. I should maximize all of my time to understand as much as possible. I changed it  from negative thinking which always see this assignment as a burden into a challenge which i should overcome. I gain my spirit and my focus. I must find a way to overcome this. I feel that my head full of plans which i want to implement in the following days. I feel that my brain work harder and more efficiently and see it with enthusiasm. I think i can overcome it.

From now on, I will try to see a problem or a task from the positive way of thinking. It will use my brain to see the fissure of the problem and find a way to solve it.  This way my brain is trained. Everythink is started from my head. If i see something from negative thinking side, i will see that there are many problems. In the other side if i see something from positive thinking side, i will see that there are many ways that i can take and furthermore it will train my brain to think.

2 Responses

  1. nice post! mesti berlatih mengeset pikiran ya berarti hehehhe

    • Sudah berlalu dengan lancar kok dan menyenangkan karena dapet banyak ilmu dalam waktu singkat. Ternyata dengan cara itu justru meningkatkan keingintahuan kita sendiri. Dibandingin kalo mikirnya negative terus yang malah menyesali diri dan nganggep suatu beban yang gak bisa diselesaikan. 😀

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